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Most recent update to my life: I finally reached the point where I can no longer pretend all the deaths in my family didn’t happen. Losing my Dad, Brother, Aunt, and Cousin to situation that could have been prevented and family passing due to natural causes hurt a lot, and I hid that until now. It’s caused issues with my health, my work, and my social life. While they say admitting you need help is the biggest step, I’m finding it even harder to find someone to actually help (Mental Health page will detail this more, and a blog post should be coming out soon).

A few accomplishments that mean a lot to me:

20 Under 40 Honoree- Arizona Daily Sun/Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors- Young Professionals Chair- Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce

National Engaged Leader Award- The National Society of Leadership and Success

Reminder: I’m still working on updating all of this 🙂

General About me continued from the home page: I have more often than not been the youngest person in my class, on my team, in my position at work, etc. I have never let age stand in the way of my goals, and I never will. While I’m no counselor, I happily help people overcome fears of pursuing their goals due to their age.

I began my professional life working as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart. While there were multiple people in my position, that was one of the biggest learning experiences in my life. Sixty direct-reports and control over what made this multi-billion-dollar company run… the front-end. I had many customers question my age and even had employees tell me they should have been selected for the position over me because “selecting someone so young was an insult”. It was basically a sink or swim situation, and luckily, I was able to swim. Upper-management then provided me the opportunity for a mentorship program, allowing me to learn even more about management.

My dream since I was 14 years-old was to be in law enforcement. Again, I was lucky enough to have to have a great mentor– (late) Flagstaff Police Chief Brent Cooper. Chief Cooper helped me with questions about the job, let me go on ridealongs, and was always there no matter what. I left Wal-Mart to begin my dream and work for Coconino County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). Sadly Chief Cooper passed away just prior to that and was not able to see me achieve my goal. I worked at CCSO for two years before realizing I truly missed being in business management. I went on to get my degree from Northern Arizona University, graduating with honors, then made a large career change.

Owning an IT company was never part of my life plan, but as they say, “life’s a dance, you learn as you go”– thus I started Arizona Tech Advisors. It started simply as a technology education company, but with the help of a high school friend, Nathan Poirier, we became an Apple Authorized Service Provider. After all of the deaths in my family, I could no longer stay in Flagstaff– the memories were overwhelming. I sold my shares in the business and moved to Gilbert, Arizona.

In my personal life, I have a fur baby named Sir Carlton III, who also responds to “Carl” or “come here”. Carl means the world to me and became a certified Emotional Support Animal when I went through all the deaths in my family. Animals give us so much, and I am disgusted by the rates of animal euthanasia due to human negligence. I continually educate the public (from friends to random people) on the importance of spaying/neutering their pets. Animals are commitment– they are not disposable once you’re bored.

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