2018 Honda Accord EX-L

Collision Mitigation Failure, Road Departure Mitigation Failure, Adaptive Cruise Control Failure, BRAKE SYSTEM FAILURE, Honda’s “Safety” System


After my “Brake System” light came on and the dealership denied it even though I had record of it, my car decided to see how fast it could hit the brakes. I was driving on the US-60 in Phoenix, Arizona with adaptive cruise control on, traveling at 65 mph during morning rush hour, so it’s still dark, on a 6 lane freeway. I can see brake lights far ahead, so I lightly tap my brakes to disengage ACC and slightly slow the car down. The car had other plans and the brakes COMPLETELY LOCKED UP like it was using the emergency braking for collision mitigation— but no warning/info showed on the dashboard as it normally does when emergency systems engage. So basically my car decided it wanted to slam on its brakes in the middle of a busy freeway, near bumper to bumper traffic, all because I lightly touched the brakes– It was not abrupt, it was not a hard push… it was literally to turn off ACC. I watched the rear view mirror as the SUV behind me was about to put my trunk in the engine compartment, but thankfully they were able to swerve into the HOV lane next to us. They barely missed me and if that open spot was not there for them, I’d likely be seriously injured or dead.

Honda has ignored my messages and it’s time to let our government know this car has issues.

This is in addition to:
– Constant interior rattling that has been acknowledged and “repaired” 4 times.
– Air conditioner failing a month after I bought the car… living in Phoenix, Arizona (summers hit 118 degrees Fahrenheit). The replacement part was faulty so Honda had my car for over a week.
– Rear view camera failures and lagging (which is pretty important when backing up).
– (finally one that’s just cosmetic) The stereo/entertainment system or whatever you wish to call it is junk. Constantly freezes, restarts, stops your music or navigation, does not work with automated systems (need to press 1 for English? Gotta pick up your phone).

Looks Like I’m Not The Only One!

51 NHTSA Brake Complaints!


It looks good from the outside.

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