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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing” -Barry Finlay
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Hi, my name is Drake Louks. I was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, graduated from Northern Arizona University (NAU), volunteer at a horse rescue, and work as an IT Systems Engineer. For more info on my life, visit the About Me page.

I have lost multiple family members over the past two years due to medical negligence. I have seen how hard it is to hold doctors accountable and how difficult it is to get mental health support in the United States. Due to this, I now advocate for responsible medical practice & mental health in addition to advocating for animals. Please visit my Mental Health page (I’m slowly adding to it as I have time) for more information. (My Doctor Accountability page is mostly hidden due to pending litigation)

Family that reached out to doctors for help, only to receive the opposite

Greg Baca
My father taken way too early: 11/23/1965-09/22/2016
Kyle Romero, Firefighter/Paramedic
My brother taken way too early: 09/13/1985-11/3/2016
Melanie Flores
My cousin taken way too early: 03/2/1984-08/4/2016
Abreanna Louks, RN/BSN
My aunt taken way too early:
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